Drupal Backup

Version: 1.5
Package icon drupal_backup_v_1_5.zip

A simple backup script for Drupal installations running on OS X or OS X Server. MysqlDump is used to export one or more Drupal databases, and Tar is used to backup the web root folder. You can control the number of backups to keep and where they should be saved.
*** The .app must be opened in AppleScript Editor and the setting at the top of the script modified to suit your Drupal server. There are comments inside the code to guide you through the settings. ***

Desktop Squeegee

Version: 1.3
Package icon DesktopSqueegee.zip

The Desktop Squeegee is a easy solution for the desktop clutter that can accumulate on school Macs with local user accounts. For instance, your library "look-up" computers all get logged into as a local user called "Student". And the librarian at Pretend High complains about all the files students leave behind on the desktops. You need the squeegee.

HomeWork Drop

Version: 1.5
Package icon Homework_Drop.zip
This is an earlier and simpler form of my Homework Hand in script.  When run it mounts a server volume which contains teacher's write-only hand in folders, and opens a specifically sized finder window making it easy for younger students to drag homework files into their teacher's folder.
The script must be modified inside Script Editor with your server's address after download. Updated to work under OS 10.5

Clear DHCP Leases

Version: 1.0
Package icon Clear_DHCP_Leases.zip
Here is a simple application I made to easily clear out the current DHCP leases from OSX Server.  Simply drop it on your server and run whenever the leases get out of hand, which they tend to do ("Sure I have 4,000 clients...").
Thanks to the people at watiworks for use of the sushi icon.


Magic Word Converter

Version: 1.1
Package icon Magic_Word_Converter.zip
Magic Word Converter is an Applescript created for the purpose of converting an entire folder of Appleworks documents to Microsoft Word and Excel. The program does not require that you have Microsoft Office installed, only Appleworks 6.


Version: 1.0
Package icon Logout.zip
Simply quits all programs and logs off the current user when run. The power of the script lies in the bulls eye icon. This made it easier to teach the younger students to log out after their done with a computer. "All you have to do is click the bulls eye down here in the dock."
Updated to work under OS 10.5

Select Default Printer

Version: 1.0
Package icon Select_Default_Printer.zip
Here is a little script which will display a list of the printers setup on the computer and ask that you select which one should be the default. I created the script because certain applications the students where printing from automatically used the default printer, and did not display a standard print dialog window. This of course caused print jobs to go all over because the kids did not know which printer was the default.

Homeowrk Hand In

Version: 1.5
Package icon Homework_Hand_In.zip
Homework Hand In is a small OS X program I wrote in applescript to help facilitate teachers in the collection of digital class work from their students. The program does the following:

PowerSchool Photo Helper

Version: 1.0
Package icon PS_Photo_Helper.zip
This script was made to automate the process of preparing student photos for import into PowerSchool. Mostly used for students who enroll after picture day.  The script assumes that you are taking a standard portrait with the camera turned 90 degrees clockwise (or a vertical picture with your right hand on the bottom of the camera).