Awesome Report Q Plugin

Originally released in 2003! This is the original auto-refreshing report queue (...use to be a big deal).
I keep it going because I like an automatic 10 second count down. As apposed to the built in button that you can set to refresh every 30 seconds (and forgets that you set it that way). In addition, this page will display a refresh icon next to each job which when clicked will re-submit the job.  This is just an easier way to re-run a report without having to click the report name, check the re-run check box, and click submit. Saves a bunch of clicks when testing new object reports. The plugin also includes the PowerTeacher and ReportWorks report queues.

Version History:

2.5 - Added the admin/teacher ReportWorks queue pages. They will auto-refresh like the original report queue
2.4 - Fixed a situation that would cause an report to endlessly load
2.3 - Fixed a cross-site scripting error introduced in PS version 11.0.4.
2.2 - Updated this venerable little guy to be a plugin. And took out the independent refresh icon and started using a built in image.
2.0 - Updated for PowerSchool version 7. Formatted for upload to CPM.
1.0 - Initial release.

Screen shot:

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