The BIG Registration Screen

This screen is meant to be a one-stop-shop for all common data collected for a student when they register.  Some of the fields are custom. But most are built in. The screen has evolved over time to suit the needs of my district.


  • Two versions of the page for download. One with Illinois State specific fields. The other is not state specific and all the Illinois fields have been stripped out.
  • Hovering your mouse over a fields name will show the internal field name (search term) in a tool-tip.
  • Links at the top will "jump to" specific sections to save on scrolling.  In addition each section header has up/down arrows which will jump to the top/bottom of the page. An additional submit button has been added to the top of the page.
  • The Enrollment Notes link, also at the top, will open a dialog window containing guidance on filling out the registration screen. Alter for your district as needed.
  • "Copy to mailing" button copies all the home address fields to the mailing address fields.  "Copy to Mom/Dad" button copies the home_phone to mother_home_phone and father_home_phone.  "Map" links next to each address field opens the address on Google maps.


  • I've included a Page Fragment that will add the "Registration" link to the student left-hand navigation.
  • If you would like to include some "enrollment notes" for your staff just edit the file registration.Add_Your_Notes.enroll.notes.txt. If you don't need any notes just leave this file out all together.
  • This page does not incorporate PowerSchool's address validation.
  • You will have to use "page permissions" to specify which users can view and/or edit the page. Article 55267 on PowerSource explains page permissions.
  • To setup this page with the new language translation feature in PowerSchool 7 you will have to go through the process of extracting it's text as keys.  See both the Localization Administration User Guide and Custom Web Page Management User Guide on PowerSource.

    Version History:

    4.4 - Replaced the included more2.html page with a page fragment so as not to interfere with all the other stuff people add to the left navigation. Replaced the Enrollment Notes html page with a page fragment. CSS styling for PS version 8.
    4.3 - Small update to accomidate the changes in PS 7.8.
    4.2 - Had to update the IL state javascripts to work with the 12/12/12 state reporting update. Fixed a minor javascript error related to built in data validation.
    4.1 - Updated more2.html page for PS 7.2. Took out javascript field validation and made the page compatible with PS 7.2 built in data validation system. Fixed the federal "default ethnicity". Improved the look of read-only access. Added area/neighborhood, Date of Entry into USA, and two more IL state fields. Added a submit button to the top of the page.
    4.0 - Updated for Powerschool version 7


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