Freeware... because the software police will eventually carry mace.

An easy to use FTP client for OSX. Even comes with a widget interface and example applescripts showing how to automate FTP transfers.

A small application used to break up and print PDFs on multiple 8.5 x 11 pages. An easy way to make those long banners that line the school hallways.

A favorite of elementary teachers who take large amounts of pictures.  Galerie is an easy way to make great looking web pages to showcase pictures.  Just point the program to either a folder of pictures or iphoto album, specify a few settings, select a template, and the program will create a nice looking web site with click-able thumbnails of the photos.  All you have to do to publish is throw the entire folder created on the district web server.  There are a large number of user created templates you can download from the publisher's web site.

Camino is an OSX only web browser which combines the look of OSX with the Gecko rendering engine (used by Firefox). Definitely worth a look.

Makes time-lapse photography/movie making extremely easy using the built-in iSight on the new macs, or any attached camera. Just input the interval between frames, and what movie output you would like. Interesting also is it's ability to attach to remote cameras attached to other macs through bonjour.

Mac OSX, Windows, Linux
A powerful yet easy to use WYSIWYG web page creator suited for students and teachers.  An excellent replacement to Netscape Composer in districts who do not wish to pay for costly HTML editors.  It includes much of the options that you find with expensive programs like Dreamweaver such as: CSS editing, FTP client, webdev support, and site management.



Every Mac user knows that you can create a PDF directly from any print job in OSX.  But did you know you can get the same functionality in Windows?  Enter PDF Creator.  A free tool which will act as a virtual printer, and create PDF files from any print job.

Turns your Macbook into a virtual light saber!

Is a network monitoring and inventory type software.  It can track and give all kinds of details about nodes on your network (PCs, Switches, Routers, Printers, etc). Unfortunately it must be run from Windows. But it can report on OSX, Linux, and Unix stations just fine.

Mac OSX, Windows
A helpful program for people in charge of maintaining or repairing Apple products.  It is basically a database of all the specifications for every Apple product ever made. Constantly updated with new products by the developer.

Disk Inventory X and WinDirStat

Mac OSX, Windows
Both programs are similar in function.  DiskInventory X works in OSX, WinDirStat in Windows.  When opened both programs index the files and folders on your hard drive (this could take awhile), then display the sizes of said files and folders graphically.  This helps answer two important questions:
1.  "Who is taking up all the space on my file server" - Network Admin
2.  "How do I get rid of this message saying my startup disk is full" - User

A popular port scanning and network security utility; NmapFE for OS X is a no hassles, GUI version for us Mac users.

AVG Free Edition
Windows, Linux
Have Windows?  You need to worry about all kinds of security problems.  AVG will do a decent job of keeping your computer virus free... for free!
Please note that the free addition is only licensed for home/personal use.

Mac OSX, Windows, Linux
Creates encrypted virtual disk files for storing data which must be kept secure even in the event that your computer is stolen. The program can also completely encrypt an entire disk, such as a USB key chain.

Angry IP Scanner
Mac OSX, Windows, Linux
Angry IP scanner is a very fast IP address and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports. Useful in analyzing firewall rules and security concerns. It is cross-platform and lightweight.

Network Home Redirector is a series of install packages for OSX which simplify's the task of redirecting the cache stores for things like fonts and Microsoft Office when you are logged into a network home folder. Before now this process was complex to setup, but essential in districts using Network home folders in conjunction with Microsoft office.

Mac OSX, Windows, Linux
An open source media player capable of playing a wide verity of video formats.  Definitely a good replacement for the sometimes clumsy Windows Media Player, which is no longer being updated for OSX.

What could be better than the free feature-rich OpenOffice program suite?  How about an OSX native  version (no need for X11)!  In addition to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations with NeoOffice you can create drawing documents, HTML pages, business cards, and master templates.

An excellent piece of software made by the folks at Google to organize, edit, and share your digital photos. Very much the equivalent to iphoto for those poor people not fortunate enough to have a Mac.

A simple yet powerful backup utility for Windows.  Can be used to backup or synchronize critical folders to backup drives, or network shares.  Contains many advanced options like email notifications, encryption, compression, filtering, and will even close active programs if you like.


This programs sole purpose is to help putting staches on your photos. Nice!

A free scaled down version of the popular BBedit program. A big help for projects that require a pure text editor (one that does not apply formatting), such as unix scripting, javascript, plist editing, or HTML coding.  See their site for the long list of features.