Support Net Neutrality

Posted Sometime in July
See these adorable children of mine.
What kind of terrible internet will they have if we let Comcast call the shots?
July 12th is the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.

Hope you edtechies are having a relaxing summer.

Happy Holidays

Posted Sometime in December
Merry whatever it is you celebrate!
The holidays are a time for giving. That's why I'm giving away free to all fellow Illinoisans a new version (3.2) of the PARCCtastic plugin for PowerSchool.
To be honest the PowerSchool state reporting team forced my hand. The December 22nd update they put out changed a few of the accommodation field names.
So if you have installed the lasted Illinois state reporting update, you MUST put down that fruit cake and update the PARCCtastic plugin to version 3.2.

Pumkin Flavored Assessments

Posted Sometime in November
Happy Fall!
I had not used a rake since I was a kid. The joys of home ownership just keep on coming.

Just put the finishing touches on the next version of the PARCCtastic student screen for PowerSchool.
It contains an almost ludicrous amount of form validation. ISBE published a new version of their PARCC pre-id data elements which contained all the validation they are going to require for each accommodation. I added those same field validations to the PARCC student page.
Keeping that data nice and clean!
Read the full description in the PowerSchool section before installing.


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