It took me 15 minutes...

Posted Sometime in February
Got sick of waiting around for the Illinois state reporting people to put in a dropdown for the new immigrant country codes in PowerSchool. So I made my own. Did not take long. If you would like a copy you can get it here:

Just upload it to /admin/students and use the following tag to add it to the student page of your choosing:

If anyone is going to the ICE Conference later this month, I will once again be there with my red shirt on!

Look what St. Nick left in your shoe

Posted Sometime in December
Made a student page in Powerschool to record the PARCC pre-id stuff (mostly accommodations).
My district did not want to wait for Pearson's state reporting folks to get their collective butts in gear.
So if your in Illinois and familiar with Database Extensions you can download the page here:

A gift from my district to yours. Happy Holidays!

Your Data Needs Validation

Posted Sometime in November
Been thinking a lot about data validation as of late.
If junk in = junk out, then I'm doing all I can to prevent the junk in.
I'm presenting on these really deep thoughts about data validation at the PSUG-IL meeting Thursday 11/6. If your in/around Illinois you can signup


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