Moving in a Chicago Winter

Posted Sometime in January
Officially sold our 2 bedroom condo!
Soon we will be movin on up to the NW side... to a deluxe colonial, in the sky-hi-hi.
Also updated to PowerSchool 9.2 finally. What a crazy couple days that was.
If you happen to be using my PARCCtastic screen, please update your pulgin to version 2.7.
A friend of mine found a bug in the javascript validation.
Hopefully the IL state reporting team will be putting out their own update to the built in state screen soon with all the new fields for 2016 testing.
At that time I will either update the PARCCtastic screen to incorporate them, or retire the screen because the built in one is so cool.

Of Pumpkins and PARCC

Posted Sometime in October
Perhaps the best thing about Fall (other than Halloween) is pumpkin. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes.
And the last thing on your mind is PARCC testing. But I noticed that my PARCCtastic screen for Illinois looked a bit funky in Powerschool version 9.
In addition, an old friend pointed out that if you had been using the built in PARCC state page for accommodations, my page would not display them. So I included a script that will detect and display them properly.  Be sure to update!

Less applescript, more apple pie

Posted Sometime in July
I've been doing less network/client management, and more database/web development as time goes on.
Therefore I've retired the Applescript section of this silly little website of mine. No big loss. The scripts where quite a bit out of date.

Additionally I've been spending less evenings at bars/clubs, and more evenings cooking/baking at home for the family (oy this growing up stuff, am I right).
Hence the new Recipe Box tab. I've been using this database to record my favorite recipes for awhile now. Why not share it with the world!


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