PARCC is in the air

Posted Sometime in May
It's Spring! Birds chirping, flowers blooming... and another round of PARCC (queue sad trombone).

But hey, I've updated this PARCC student screen I came up with for PowerSchool. It uses the standard Illinois state fields (now that they exist). And will do some form validation like "If Large Print is checked, test format must be paper", and "If ELA Text-to-Speech is Yes, ELA Human Reader or Human Signer must be none."

Yes I know Pearson came out with their own PARCC state screen. This one is better!
That's why I'm calling it "PARCCtastic"

Does your data need validating? Are you a Midwesterner?

Posted Sometime in March

If you answered yes to both questions, then come see me present at the PSUG-MW Conference in Michigan City, IN. I'll be laying it out in two sessions:
Setting up and using built-in data validation - Beginner
Roll your own data validation using javascript - Advanced

It took me 15 minutes...

Posted Sometime in February
Got sick of waiting around for the Illinois state reporting people to put in a dropdown for the new immigrant country codes in PowerSchool. So I made my own. Did not take long. If you would like a copy you can get it here:

Just upload it to /admin/students and use the following tag to add it to the student page of your choosing:

If anyone is going to the ICE Conference later this month, I will once again be there with my red shirt on!


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