Pumkin Flavored Assessments

Posted Sometime in November
Happy Fall!
I had not used a rake since I was a kid. The joys of home ownership just keep on coming.

Just put the finishing touches on the next version of the PARCCtastic student screen for PowerSchool.
It contains an almost ludicrous amount of form validation. ISBE published a new version of their PARCC pre-id data elements which contained all the validation they are going to require for each accommodation. I added those same field validations to the PARCC student page.
Keeping that data nice and clean!
Read the full description in the PowerSchool section before installing.

Oh Google... Don't Ever Change. Really!

Posted Sometime in September

Spent a whole lot of months working on this new house of ours. It's rewarding work.
Kind of like customizing PowerSchool.
Oh and the parenting adventure continues. Zoe started kindergarten and loves riding the bus.
Vince... still your typical two year old.

Now on to this Google Contacts Mover in the PowerSchool section.
If you've been using it, I need you to go update to the latest version (3.4).
Use to be that Google was fine with multiple email addresses comma-seperated in a single contact field.
Not anymore. So all my teachers pointed this out and I fixed it on our system.
Then I stupidly updated it here using my district's email fields.
Then I revamped the SQL to explode the normal guardianemail field by commas.
Then I spend an entire night trying to figure out why Google would not except more than 2 email addresses in an import. It just broke the import. No matter what I tried. Despite the fact their own export have 4 email columns, you can't import more than 2.
So the contact mover just imports the first 2 addresses in the guardianemail field.

Moving in a Chicago Winter

Posted Sometime in January
Officially sold our 2 bedroom condo!
Soon we will be movin on up to the NW side... to a deluxe colonial, in the sky-hi-hi.
Also updated to PowerSchool 9.2 finally. What a crazy couple days that was.
If you happen to be using my PARCCtastic screen, please update your pulgin to version 2.7.
A friend of mine found a bug in the javascript validation.
Hopefully the IL state reporting team will be putting out their own update to the built in state screen soon with all the new fields for 2016 testing.
At that time I will either update the PARCCtastic screen to incorporate them, or retire the screen because the built in one is so cool.


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