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As of PowerSchool version 9 this functionality is built in. In fact, the built in one looks exactly the same... Hmmmm...
A simple little customization for PowerSchool that allows an admin to post messages on the admin/teacher login screens and the parent portal header.
You can choose from four different built-in styles for your message and/or use HTML tags.
Once the custom pages are uploaded, simply navigate to District - Login Notes, format your message, pick a style (optional), and check Enable.
I've been using this customization to let people know of planned outages, changes to PS, link to new how-to videos, etc.
BONUS: Included in these custom pages is another javascript that pops up a warning when someone (admin, teacher, or parent) is entering their password and has caps-lock on. Cut down a little on the help desk calls. Laughing

Please Note:
- Obviously for this customization to work it is necessary to alter each login screen and the wildcards that produce the parent portal header. Many districts already have customized some or all of these pages with logos or other goodies. It will be up to you to merge this customization with any others your using. To make the process easier I've inserted comments around all the page alterations needed for Login Notes to work. Just open each page in a text editor and search for "Nick".
- You may ask, "Why not have the message appear on the parent portal login instead of the inside header?" This is because as much as I tried I could not get the /public/home.html page to read from the Prefs table. I'm guessing this is related to security. If you know a workaround please contact me.

Version History:

1.8 - Updated to work with PS version 8.0
1.7 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.11.
1.6 - Fixed a minor glitch where a closing IF tag showed on certain parent portal pages.
1.5 - Had to change te way the note shows in the guardian header. PS version 7.9.1 broke the old way.
1.3 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.9.
1.2 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.8.2.
1.1 - Minor update to accommodate changed in PS version 7.8.
1.0 - Initial release. Based on PowerSchool version

Screen shots:

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