Medical Info Screen

This is simply a page I designed to the specifications of my school nurses.  It tracks a large amount of health information including: medications, physical/dental exams, immunizations, vision/hearing screenings, etc.  The screen is so long, I put a submit button on the top and bottom.
The screen is broken up into three pages to get around the page size limit in PowerSchool (~28K).  The MedicalInfo.html page is the master page which ties all three together, and therefore is the page you would navigate to and create links for. Most of the fields on this screen are custom.
My district switched to using built in Health Managment. If your district would still like to use this customization and need it updated/altered please CONTACT ME.


1. Download and unzip the file ""
2. Copy all three pages to powerschool folder/data/custom/web_root/admin/students/   on your server
3.  Create a link to the new medical screen (MedicalInfo.html) in the student navigation frame (the more2.html page), and be sure to set security on the page so only nurses can view it!


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