Class Roster Auto-Loader

The class roster feature in powerschool is a great way to get class information out of the system in a nice printable format.  However... try explaining to your office staff that after they took the time figuring out all the parameters, field names, and column widths, to create the roster, they cannot save it for future use!
This custom class roster page allows a powerschool admin to pre load all the parameters into a javascript allowing the office staff to simply pick which roster they would like to run through a drop down box.  After selecting a roster to load, they could then go and alter the parameters, or just click submit as is.
The page also includes another handy little javascript which will calculate the width of the fields you have specified, and display the total underneath the field input box.  The first sum being just the column widths specified, and the second sum takes into account the page margins or padding that has been applied.  This was included to get around the annoying task of running a report to see if your column widths where okay.
Now updated to blend with PowerSchool version 7.
For those updating from the old version, you only need to replace the classrosters.html page. Your previous roster setups will work just the way they where.

I realize that this customization is very tricky.  If you are not familiar at all with javascript writing the code for pre-defined rosters can be daunting.  Often I find people want to use this customization to facilitate running grade verification rosters.  So I have put together two class roster packages which already has the code setup for for these grade verification reports.


Version History:

2.1 - Fixed an issue with page orientation, and width not updating when selecting rosters. Thanks Leslie! Made the zip download CPM friendly.
2.0 - Updated for PowerSchool version 7.
1.0 - Initial release.

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