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Posted: 4/19/19
Hello! This is our first year of using PS Registration, which, in general, we really like. However, we recently discovered there is no way to transfer documents that have been uploaded to PS Reg. to PS SIS, without someone downloading each document and re-uploading. This is a lot of work and something that seems like it should be easier. Please figure out a way to allow PS Registration users to push uploaded attachments from PS Reg to PS SIS without so much manual work. Thanks!
Added by: Ryan Kunde

Built-in Reports

Posted: 2/26/18
Please consolidate Parent progress and attendance reports emails into one email for each type. Currently, Parent receive one email for each class for each report. This many emails can cause schools to reach their emails quote, bad email reputation scores, and a greater chances for receiving webmail services to block or ban emails from schools. Also it is less clutter for the parent.
Added by: Tejas Ambani
Posted: 5/5/17
This request is regarding PowerTeacher Pro. My teachers would like a different missing assignments report. They would like a report that ONLY generates a report for students that actually have missing assignments. This is not a report for them, but one that can be given to individual students so they can take them home.
Added by: Richard Moeller


Posted: 12/27/16
10.1 does allow you to delete database extensions... with a big caveat. You cannot delete extensions that where added by a plugin. Even after the plugin has been deleted.
Added by: Nick Peronti


Posted: 9/12/18
Revert the Office Visit page to allow for future dated Visit Time Outs.
Added by: John Jameson
Posted: 5/19/17
In the Outcomes and Actions box, please lengthen or remove the 512 character limit. (Request from our nurses)
Added by: Cindy Albright

PowerTeacher - Grade Setup

Posted: 11/2/16
PowerTeacher Pro: Teachers need ability to choose to round or truncate. Also, they need to be able to choose the decimal places. Currently this function is set at the District level and is not available to teachers
Added by: John Dunleavy

PowerTeacher - Other

Posted: 11/2/16
Our teachers need the ability to Create their own GROUPS. Teachers might need 3 classes grouped together that aren't the same course code. Or select a few students from several different classes and put them in a group.
Added by: Tejas Ambani

PowerTeacher - PowerTeacher Administrator

Posted: 11/10/16
As good as PTP seems so far, we keep discovering features that don't exist. The newest being no alternative to the student info tab that existed in the old gradebook app from the admin side which results in no contact info being viewable (among other info) without a bunch of extra hoops to jump through switching back to the admin portal.
Added by: Willie Stevens

PowerTeacher - ScoreSheet Tab

Posted: 1/19/18
The arrows to navigate "pages" on the scoresheet can move, making it tougher for teachers to quickly navigate. If the arrows were displayed all the time and did not move it would make navigation easier.
Added by: Richard Moeller


Posted: 8/28/19
Wouldn't it be great if you limit an admin account to only login when on your district network. Or a single school's network!
Added by: Nick Peronti