List Students In a New Window

Marking this little guy obsolete. Was thinking to make it a modern plugin with more features... But then I find the PSCB group already made a way way better version!
Just know, you will need to go into custom page management and delete this old page (/admin/studentlist/studentlist2.html) if you want to install the PSCB plugin.

This customization is a small enhancement to the List Students group function. Once installed, a button named "Show Data in New Window" will appear on the list students result page. The button will reformat your results in a new browser window minus blank space and navigation frame. Perfect for printing.
If this page is of interest, you may also want to have a look at my List Students Auto-Loader.

Version History:

3.2 - Fix for the "Show Data in New Window" button never appearing on the list students results page.
3.1 - Altered the page style slightly. Formatted the zip file to import properly with CPM.
3.0 - Updated for PowerSchool version 7.
2.0 - Updated for PowerSchool Premier version 6.
1.0 - Initial Release

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