No More Mailto

"The email links on Powerschool are not working for me. When I click one it tells me I need to setup Outlook Express?!"
This is why my middle school asked to have all the Mailto links disabled on the parent portal. If your school feels the same way install these custom pages and kiss the idea that everyone uses an email client goodbye.
These pages are formatted for PS version 8.

Technical details:

  • Added a jQuery script to home.html that finds every Mailto link on the page after the quicklookup stuff is rendered and takes out the href attribute.
  • Removed the Mailto links entirely from the teachercomments.html page and added a column that displays the teacher's email address as plain text.
  • Removed the Mailto link in teacherinfo.html and left the email address as plain text.

Version History:

1.5 - Updated for PS version 8. Now uses a page fragment to insert the script on home.html. This means it will not interfere with other customizations and/or PowerSchool updates. See the Database Extensions Advanced User Guide for future explanation.
1.4 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.11.
1.3 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.8.2.
1.2 - Minor update to accommodate changes in PS version 7.8.
1.1 - Slighlty altered for string changes in PowerSchool version 7.1. Corrected the zip file structure to work properly when imported via CPM.
1.0 - Initial release.

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