Printable Student Log With Signatures

This customization of the student log page was created to facilitate the printing of a student's log entries for permanent record keeping. The school office also wanted the ability to have signatures print at the bottom. Hence in the upper-right of the page is a drop-down to select a signature, and a button which will reformat the student log entries in a new window with selected signature minus header, footer, and left frame.  It is also worth noting that you could use any image you want in the signatures drop-down. As an example, one could make a image which said "confidential" in big bold letters
The zip file contains three signature examples for you to experiment with.

Setup Instructions:

1. Download and unzip the pages.
2. Scan the signatures you will be using to picture files named appropriately. Try to keep them around 100x250 pixels, although there is no restriction. Put the files into the signatures folder.
3. Alter the signatures.html file so that each option listed corresponds to your signature pictures such as: <option value="John_Doe.jpg">John Doe</option>
4. Copy both the log.html page and the signatures folder to web_root/admin/student/ or re-zip and upload through Custom Page Management (download Pearson's guide to CPM).

Screen shot:

Version History:

2.0 - Updated for PowerSchool version 7.1. Signature drop-down code moved to it's own file (signatures.html). Example signatures now provided. Zip file formatted for import into CPM. Name changed from "Printable Nurse Log" to "Printable Student Log".
1.0 - Initial release.

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