Because we are still going to have IAR... maybe?

Holiday greetings from the COVID bunker!
Since March work has been... how shall I say... all consuming.
I know my edtech friends out there can relate.
Like all vacations, concerts, weddings, and fun with other humans, my plans to update to PS version 20 got put on hold.
So not much in the way of updating plugins either.

BUUUUT if you are using either the IARific or IARific + ACCESS plugins, I do have an update for you friends.
The PS state reporting update 20.11.2 came with 11 new accommodations (most are really "considerations") for IAR ELA/Math.
These have been incorporated into the plugin, in addition to some other minor changes like replacing the DLM-AA field (S_IL_STU_PreID_X.DLM_AA) with the Alternative Assessment Indicator (S_IL_STU_X.Alt_Assessment_Indicator).