Shout Out to those shoveling snow

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The Staff Shout Outs plugin version 1.3 has been released.
This version reworks how line breaks save in shout outs. Which in turn fixed a bug causing both email and display trouble.

Stay warm everyone!

One step up from a lump of coal for my Illinois peeps

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Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. 

<Start Illinois Only>
Decided to upload ACCESS accommodations while the food coma subsides.
Lo and behold WIDA is rejecting my csv file. They have an entirely new template for 23-24!

Perhaps I'm late to the table and you already knew this.
But did you know that I updated the companion SQLreport template to the IARrific + ACCESS plugin?
If you have that plugin installed, and are blissfully collecting ACCESS accommodations in PowerSchool, go ahead and import that new SQLreport template.

It's not exactly a shiny new bike with a big red bow. 
More like the backscratcher you got in your stocking.
</End Illinois Only>

Checkout the new digs

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Do you smell that? It's that new site smell. Smells like progress (but really it is caustic chemicals left over from the manufacturing process).
Yes I finally got around to rebuilding the site in a more modern version of PHP.
"But what is in it for me" you ask? Hey! Who said this was about you?!

I'm kidding, come back. 
With this new site you get a much nicer mobile experience.
I've laid a few more traps for the bot hordes
And you can finally subscribe to these little news posts if you want to know when the PowerSchool plugins are updated.

Speaking of plugins... You are going to want to update the following. Especially if you are using the new navigation.
Recently corrected a couple bone-headed mistakes:

Stay spooky everyone!