You're saving list sets. How about roster sets?

Couple important updates:
- List Students Auto-Loader plugin has been updated to fix a bug where school-level user's personal list sets were showing as school list sets.
- Finally got around to making the Class Rosters Auto-Loader an easy-to-use plugin! If you have both this and the list students one installed you might notice something.
"These look exactly the same. I bet he reused all the code. How lazy! No way I'm paying for both of these."
All correct my imaginary PS admin! They are very similar in code/look/functionality. And you are not paying for either! Its all beerware.

Couple not as important things:
- Super excited to be attending PSUG SouthEast soon! Hope to see you there.
- The The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is finally out!