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Turns out in most of my elementary schools each classroom sends a student down to the office with bus notes each and every morning.
"Susie will be walking today", "Johnny will be dropped off at such and such the rest of the week", etc.
The office then compiles these slips of paper and hands out "Today's Bus Notes" to staff on bus duty and the drivers.
One of my front office friends explained this process to me and asked "Can you streamline this awful thing!"
This may not apply to your district. However, I still think this would serve as a good example for PS admins looking to build something similar with database extensions and the ~[DirectTable.Select...] tag.

Today's Bus Notes plugin adds a new bus icon to the PowerTeacher home page for each section listing. This new Bus Notes page allows you to add/edit/delete one or more bus notes for each student in the class. Notes default to being for "today", but you can change their duration and start date.
On the admin side of PS these notes can be added/edited/deleted from the student Transportation screen.
A "Bus Notes" is added to the admin homepage left navigation (only when in a school). This is the report that lists out all the notes for the current date. And this can be printed by the office as much as it likes. If on the new navigation the link is in Data and Reporting > Reports.

Simple and effective!


  1. Go to System - System Settings - Plugin Management Configuration
  2. Upload the Zip file
Version History

1.6 - Added a header for the bus notes column on the teacher home page. DOH!
1.5 - Support for the "Enhanced Navigation" in PS 23.5. Must be on on PS version 22.5 or later to install.
1.4 - Corrected a big ol' error that prevented the "Permanent Bus Notes" field from saving
1.3 - Corrected a small code error in the more2 page fragment
1.2 - Removed the /admin/student/transportation.html page and added a page fragment in it's place. Added home_room to the "today's bus notes" report.
1.1 - Removed the teachers/home.html page and added a page fragment to create the bus icon for teachers
1.0 - Initial release.

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