Updating Class Rosters Auto-Loader From a Version Earlier Than 3.x

If you're one of those brave souls who used my Class Rosters Auto-Loader before it was a plugin (2006 - 2022) I applaud you!
Here are my recommended steps for updating to version 3.x:
  1. Install the plugin how you would normally (System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration).
  2. Go into System > Groups > your security group and switch Create and Edit School/District Class Roster Sets to "Whole District".
  3. Go to System Reports > Class Rosters (PDF). You will see 2 drop-downs in the upper-right. Select the first entry in the old "Load Report" drop-down, then go to the bottom of the screen > Save/Edit Roster Set > Save As New School/District Roster Set > Type in the same name as what you selected in the Load Report drop-down > checkmark ALL SCHOOLS for Make this Roster Set available under and Submit.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each old roster set you have in the "Load Report" drop-down.
  5. Once you have all your old roster sets saved to the database, go into System > Page and Data Management > Custom Page Management and delete the following files:
    • /admin/reports/classrosters.html
    • /admin/reports/load_report_menu.html
    • /admin/reports/roster_settings.html

When you go back to the Class Rosters (PDF) report you should now see only the new "Load Roster" menu with your roster sets available to use/edit/delete. Go back into Groups and assign other security groups the ability to create roster sets for the school or the whole district if you wish.