Updating List Students Auto-Loader From a Version Earlier Than 4.x

If you're one of those brave souls who used my List Students Auto-Loader before it was a plugin (2006 - 2021) I applaud you!
Before installing version 4.x or greater, there are a few things you should know.
  • There is no backwards compatibility or upgrade path. I mean, come on. The old one was not a plugin, just some custom pages I put together way way before there were plugins for PowerSchool.
  • Therefore, before installing the new version, you have to go into System - Page and Data Management - Custom Page Management and delete the following files:
    • /admin/studentlist/lists_menu.html
    • /admin/studentlist/lists.html
    • /admin/studentlist/studentlist1.html
  • BUT if you want to reuse the list sets you painfully input into the javascript (I'm sorry, the thing worked for me so I never spent the time to make it better)
    • Before deleting the /admin/studentlist/lists.html file, back that thing up in your text editor of choice.
    • After you have the new plugin installed, you can copy/paste values from the lists.html into the List Students screen and re-save those good old list sets.
    • You did read the setup instructions for the new version right? You should set your security group to "Whole District (full access)" so you can make these list sets available for some or all of your schools.