IARrific for Illinois Plugin (Formerly PARCCtastic)

*** If you previously installed the PARCCtatic plugin YOU MUST DELETE THAT PLUGIN BEFORE INSTALLING IARrific ***

IARrific is a souped-up version of the IAR Pre-ID state tab. It does not replace the state screen, but instead creates a new student page called "IAR/DLM" linked off the student navigation (more2.html) on the admin side.
The accommodations for ELA and Math are hidden until the ela_accommodations or math_accommodations checkboxes are checked. This way it is super-easy to search for students who have any accommodations marked.
This page will also check if you have accommodations already entered in the built in state page and blink a warning next to the "parent" ela_accommodations or math_accommodations checkboxes that they have automatically been checked and the page needs to be submitted. Best solution I could come up with.
This page uses the IL state fields, so no trouble running the "IL IAR Report" or "IL DLM-AA Pre-ID Report". However, their are 3 new custom fields that are created when the plugin is installed (using the database extension group U_PARCC).

A huge amount of form validation has been added to only allow marking accommodations if all of PAN's requirements are met. These requirements are mapped out in the Spring 2020 Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile Field Definitions.


  1. Go to System - System Settings - Plugin Management Configuration.
  2. If you are updating from a previous version, first delete the current plugin version. Then Install the new zip file.
  4. Set page permissions on the new IAR/DLM student screen so only those groups editing/viewing test info can access it (optional but encouraged).

Version History:

1.2 - Minor option changes to coincide with the state reporting 19.12.1 release. Minor changes to field validation to match the Spring 2020 PNP document. Now the Dual Language state field is taken into account for validation on Math Transadaptation into Spanish and Math Text-to-Speech accommodations.
1.1 - The accommodation "Spanish Transadaptation of the Mathematics Assessment" no longer requires the student to be marked LEP.
1.0 (IARrific) - Changed plugin name to IARrific. Cosmetic changes from PARCC to IAR. Removed the ESOL Participation Code field for DLM-AA.
4.1 - Fixed users with read-only access to the page not able to view accommodations.
4.0 - Replaced the custom DLM checkbox with the new state field. If DLM is checked all PARCC fields are hidden and the user is presented with the other new DLM state field (ESOL Participation Code). Changed the student link to PARCC/DLM.
3.4 - Added missing breadcrumb navigation to the student page (seriously, how did I miss that).
3.3 - Altered the script that checks if accommodations are already entered and checks the top level checkbox. Now the screen will only alert you if "positive" values are selected (excluding "no" and "none"). 
Changed the Spanish Transadaptation of the Math field to a Yes/No radio. And added a handy notes field.
3.2 - Changed the Braille with Tactile Graphics and Calculation Device and Mathematics Tools fields to coincide with the changed made by the IL state reporting team in the Dec. 22, 2016 update.
3.1 - Correction to the validation on Math Text-To-Speech.
3. 0 - Big redesign to coincide with the IWAS PARCC pre-id data elements for 16-17. Added validations for each accommodation field.
2.11 - Fixed Human Reader/Human Signer accommodation values where reversed
2.10 - Took out the validation for Monitor Test Response/paper format, and added Word to Word Dictionary validation. Corrected values for Assistive Technology Screen Reader/Non-Screen Reader accommodations.
2.9 - Fixed a glitch in the javascript that is suppose to clear all "child" accommodations for ELA and/or math if the "parent" checkbox is unchecked. Altered the Human Reader or Human Signer accommodation values to coincide with the new ISBE data elements.
2.8 - Added the read-only fields included in the state report update to the PARCC tab. Altered the input values on the text-to-speech fields to coincide with the latest data elements from IWAS.
2.7 - Fixed the field names/labels on the Test Format fields. They where swapped.
2.6 - Fixed a bug causing the javascript validation to malfunction.
2.5 - Updated accommodations to match changes made to the SIS data elements.
2.4 - Added a few lines of CSS so the radio buttons would be inline in PS v9 like they where in PS v8.
2.3 - Added a script to the page that checks if accommodations where input in the built in state page and warns the user they need to submit the page to save the enclosing "parent" checkboxes.
2.2 - Converted to a plugin.
2.1 - Changed the name to PARCCtastic. Added a handful of validations PAN imposes. Like if Large Print is checked, test format must be paper, etc, etc.
2.0 - Converted all fields to the Illinois state PARCC fields. Added additional fields needed to run the PARCC IL state report.
1.0 - Initial release.



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