Your Data Needs Validation

Posted Sometime in November
Been thinking a lot about data validation as of late.
If junk in = junk out, then I'm doing all I can to prevent the junk in.
I'm presenting on these really deep thoughts about data validation at the PSUG-IL meeting Thursday 11/6. If your in/around Illinois you can signup

Updated for Version 8

Posted Sometime in July
Took some time at the PSUG conference to update all the PowerSchool customizations on this site.
No major changes, but they all now play just fine with PS version 8.
Some of them, like List Students Auto-Loader, did not have to be modified at all.
I've used the new page fragments type of thing where possible to avoid problems with "custom page collision" (when two customizations overwrite the same page). This should also avoid the hassle of constantly having to update the custom page when Pearson makes a change.
An example of this is the Instant Family Reps customization. If you had this installed before it required you upload/overwrite the /admin/home.html page. But in this new version you can get rid of that old /admin/home.html and simply upload the included home.Family_Reps.content.footer.txt page fragment.
As I blabber on I'm realizing that page fragments are not easily described. If you'd like to get the inside scoop check out the Database Extensions Advanced User Guide on PowerSource.

On another note, I'm seriously considering starting up a podcast. I listen to an increasing amount of podcasts, and feel like it would be a fun project. My wife tells me that we already have a big new project called Vincent (pictured on the left). She is right of course.

Your so money baby

Posted Sometime in July

zoevegas1_vfront.jpgSuper excited to be hanging with my fellow PowerSchool peeps in sin city.
July 21-25th is the PSUG National Conference.
What could be better than learning SQL with Adam Larsen (the wizard), crazy customizations with Matt Freund (the MAN), and trying to stump Brian Andle (the legend)? ...Doing all this in Vegas baby... VEGAS!
If you happen to be headed there why not drop me a line. I have a couple ambitious customizations I'd like to hash out there and need all the help I can get.

My superhero badge# is: 1210
Contact me HERE if your a match!!!


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