Kicking the dust off Big Reg

15 years ago, back in PowerSchool 4, I made a custom page for collection student info during registration.
I thought is was the bees knees an posted it to this site. And for many many years I dutifully updated the page to coincide with PowerSchool's evolution.
But for the last few years I did not touch the thing. I mean in the age of so many epic customizations, what does one need with a simple student page.
Then this week six people emailed asking why the registration "plugin" wont install. I wanted to put on my old man voice and say "Back in my day we didn't have a plugin system. We FTP'ed files to the web_root folder, and we liked it!"
Instead I went ahead and overhauled the page, made it so you can enable/edit the "enrollment notes" in the PS user interface, and yes... made it a plugin.
The Big Reg page lives on, albeit with legacy custom fields.
Perhaps the oldest PS customization on the internet (I say this with zero proof).