Growing Pains

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Realized after looking at a few logs that I was getting quite a few page not found errors after rolling out version 3 of this site. Why? Because I completely overlooked the fact that index.html, powerschool.html, and anyotherpage.html are no longer valid addresses on this new dynamic PHP driven site of mine.
My apologies to anyone who had those pages bookmarked and where getting a big page not found error.
For anyone curious as to how one gets around this problem the proper way when switching from a static to a dynamic site, the key is "rewrite rules" in your .htaccess file on your web server.
For instance, if you use to have a front page and you now have just the rule you want to include goes like so:  RewriteRule ^index\.html$ [R=301,L]

Year Three Redesign

Posted Sometime in turns three years old in May. Which means it is time once again for a complete redesign and rebuild of course. This time I utilized the Drupal content management system. Drupal is an amazing PHP/mysql open source web solution that I highly recommend to school districts. Hopefully the new layout and functions on this site can act as a small example of Drupal's capabilities.
In addition to the redesign, I also added a ton of new software to the freeware list. Many which I use all the time but did not put on there because they where not directly related to education (server room or class room). Now that you can sort the list by category and/or OS (and how cool is that) figured it was fine to go hog wild.

No More NetRestore

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Bad News = Mike Bombich has declared NetRestore as end-of-life and will no longer be updating it.
Good News = There is a new freeware program to take it's place, and a nice one at that...Deploy Studio