I wouldn't worry about that little guy

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Couple updates of note.
If you are using the fantabulous List Students Auto-Loader plugin, you are going to want to update to the latest version.
Shout out to Deb for finding the bug.
Same thing with the Instant Family Reps plugin. Give that an update. Shout out to Adam for that one.

Final shout out to my boy for taking home a trophy with his pinewood derby car "Speedy Cheese"!

Better Late Than Never

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In the long long ago, before Oracle, before plugins, before database extensions, I put together some custom pages to save list sets for the List Students group function in PowerSchool.
I was very crude, and required an administrator to write all the values into big blocks of javascript.
But it worked, and I never found the time to improve it.
Over the years I've had to explain how clunky the thing is, in the age of plugins, and finally broke down.
The new version of List Students Auto-Loader is something I'm proud of. It is easy to install and use (at least I think so).
Allows for the creation of list sets at the district, school and personal level.
Check it out and let me know what you think.
Hope to see some of you at 2021 National PSUG Event - EAST!

AUGUST! *Shakes fists at the sky*

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For those using the IARrific + ACCESS Plugin, you will want to update to version 1.7 and update the accompanying SQLreport which is based off the new student upload template.
Wida recently put out changes to ACCESS accommodations for 21-22 to take effect at the end of August.
Those changes have been incorporated into the plugin.

Best of luck Ed Techies. August is always a rough one.
To keep things in perspective, I turn to the words of Carl Sagan: https://www.planetary.org/worlds/pale-blue-dot