A plugin by any other name

Out with PARCC, in with IAR (note: If your not in an Illinois school district this will make no sense, and you can stop reading).
The old PARCCtastic plugin for Illinois has now been rebranded... wait for it... IARrific.
Same great way to track test accommodations, just a new name. And therefore, you need to uninstall any previous version of PARCCtastic before installing this new one.
For the low low price of nada, you can also track ACCESS 2.0 accommodations.
A new plugin called IARrific + ACCESS is all the fun of IARrific with a section at the bottom to track ACCESS.
Try it out on your test server and see what you think.
I've also put together a SQLreport you can use to export your ACCESS accommodations to then upload/update your students in WIDA/DRC.
Happy 2019 my friends!