About This Page

This section contains customizations I no longer update or support. This is usually because my district is no longer using them.
If you are in need of an update or alteration for these or any customization please CONTACT ME for a quote.

Updated: 10/11/23
How to create cool mailto links that include student data.
Current Version: 3.4Updated: 10/11/23
A simple way for teachers to export student demographic data out of PowerSchool and import into Google Contacts.
Current Version: 3.2Updated: 10/11/23
Adds a button named "Show Data in New Window" on the list students result page for printing.
Current Version: 1.8Updated: 10/11/23
Post messages on the admin/teacher login screens and the parent portal header.
Updated: 10/08/23
New student page tracks a large amount of health information including: medications, physical/dental exams, immunizations, vision/hearing screenings, etc. 
Current Version: 1.5Updated: 10/11/23
Removes mailto links on the parent portal.
Current Version: 2.0Updated: 10/11/23

This customization of the student log page was created to facilitate the printing of a student's log entries for permanent record keeping. The school office also wanted the ability to have signatures print at the bottom.