If you are in Illinois and participate in IAR testing... You most likely also participate in ACCESS 2.0 testing.
So why not track accommodations for both tests on a single student screen.
This plugin includes all the bells and whistles of IARrific PLUS has a section at the bottom of the student screen to track ACCESS 2.0 accommodations.
The ACCESS section is only made available if a student is marked both LEP (S_IL_STU_X.LEP) and either IEP (S_IL_STU_X.IEP) or 504 (S_IL_STU_Plan504_X.Participant).
IAR accommodations are state fields uploaded to PAN. ACCESS accommodations however are not state fields. So the plugin will create the fields as database extensions under the table U_ACCESS_ACCOM.
If you have the SQLreports plugin installed I also have a SQLreport below you can import and use to generate the .csv file needed to mass update accommodations in WIDA/AMS.

*** You must have the 24.3 or later state reporting update installed before updating to version 2.0 of this plugin! The fields have literally changed! ***

Installation / Setup:

  1. Go to System - System Settings - Plugin Management Configuration.
  2. If you are updating from a previous version, first delete the current plugin version. Then Install the new zip file.
  4. Set page permissions on the new IAR/ISA/DLM/ACCESS student screen so only those groups editing/viewing IAR/ACCESS test info can access it (optional but encouraged).
  5. If you wish to hide the "Proctor/School Provided Administration Considerations" sections of the student page you can do so in District > Miscellaneous. They are displayed by default.
Version History

2.0 - Includes ISA/Science Accommodations for PAN!  The state reporting folks changed some of the field names for ELA/math as well in 24.3. Those have been updated. Added a note about creating separate sessions for read aloud. And a bunch of other fixes to the validation scripts.
1.9 - Support for the "Enhanced Navigation" in PS 23.5. Must be on on PS version 22.5 or later to install.
1.8 - ELA Extensions accommodation added to be in sync with state reporting update 22.3.2 release on 3/23/22.
1.7 - ACCESS accommodations updated to reflect 21-22 changes. ALSO DELETE/RE-IMPORT the v3 SQLreport for the new upload template.
1.6 - Updated the ACCESS accommodations so Mode of Administration cannot be filled out if the student is in kindergarten. The import wants them all to be blank. Also if the student is marked Alternative ACCESS then the Mode of Administration, BR, and LR accommodations will upload blank. The companion SQLreport has been updated to reflect these changes.
1.5 - IAR Human Signer for Test Directions accommodations added to bring in line with 20.12.1 state reporting update.
1.4 - Added new accommodations/admin considerations to align with PS state reporting update 20.11.2. Swapped out the DLM-AA indicator for the Alternative Assessment Indicator used on the IL Demographics Enrollment because that is what creates the DLM Pre-ID in SIS. Added an option in District > Miscellaneous to hide the Administration Considerations as districts may not care to track/upload those to PAN. Other minor bug fixes.
1.3 - Minor option changes to coincide with the state reporting 19.12.1 release. Minor changes to field validation to match the Spring 2020 PNP document. Now the Dual Language state field is taken into account for validation on Math Transadaptation into Spanish and Math Text-to-Speech accommodations.
1.2 - The accommodation "Spanish Transadaptation of the Mathematics Assessment" no longer requires the student to be marked LEP.
1.1 - Corrected a form validation that would prevent you submitting ACCESS accommodations if mode of administration was paper, Alt ACCESS was checked, and no tier level was set. Found out that Alt ACCESS has no tiers.
1.0 - Initial Release

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