If your confused... check White

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I personally think the new Race and Ethnicity Data Standards from Illinois are somewhat convoluted. But schools have to collect it. This PowerSchool object report is based off of ISTE's example form to collect the new data. You can find it in the PS reports section.

Dirty Desktops?

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My newest creation... Desktop Squeegee is a easy solution for the desktop clutter that can accumulate on school Macs with local user accounts.
Download from the Applescripts section. Enjoy!

Love them utilities

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More utilities listed on the old free software database. Some that I've had a need for recently and though "you" (I mean who am I writing to really) might find useful. ENJOY!
  • PDFsam - Merge, split, combine PDFs.
  • Startup Inspector - Do I really need everything starting when I turn on my PC?
  • Xmarks - Never be without your bookmarks again.
  • Site Sucker - Ever need an easy way to download an ENTIRE website?
  • Notepad++ - Best free (as in beer) Windows source code editors around.