Better late than never... or is it?

Attention those using the IARrific or IARrific + ACCESS plugins!

A lot changed with the 24.3 state reporting update in terms of IAR. 

  • Science accommodations were added (even though they are not labeled ISA).
  • Some of the field names for ELA/Math were changed (even though... what? why?).
  • The IAR Pre-ID tab added some accommodation validation (even though I still like mine better).

It took me a good chunk of spring break, but I have the IARrific stuff updated to reflect these changes.
Also updated some of my validation scripts and added a note that shows when you select the Read Aloud accommodation about it needing a separate session in PAN (thanks for the idea Rich).
Please makes sure you are running IL state reporting version 24.3+ before updating to version 2.0 of either plugin.

Now the big question is, will any of this effort matter in a year when IL decides to move ISA off of PAN?