This PS Customization is no longer supported/updated by Nick.

Google Contacts Mover Plugin

Can't support this plugin anymore. Google keeps changing their contact import. And they no longer have a way to compose a message to ALL addresses in contact record by specifying a group. Which was kind of the point.
I once had a teacher in my district relate to me how she painstakingly copy/pastes every student and parent email address from PowerTeacher into her Google Contacts. She got me thinking, "about 10 classes  X  25 students  X  4 quarters  X  however many teachers do this  =  There has to be a better way."

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Login Notes

As of PowerSchool version 9 this functionality is built in. In fact, the built in one looks exactly the same... Hmmmm...
A simple little customization for PowerSchool that allows an admin to post messages on the admin/teacher login screens and the parent portal header.
You can choose from four different built-in styles for your message and/or use HTML tags.
Once the custom pages are uploaded, simply navigate to District - Login Notes, format your message, pick a style (optional), and check Enable.

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Medical Info Screen

This is simply a page I designed to the specifications of my school nurses.  It tracks a large amount of health information including: medications, physical/dental exams, immunizations, vision/hearing screenings, etc.  The screen is so long, I put a submit button on the top and bottom.


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Enhanced Email Links

Everyone who has surfed the web for a while is familiar with the "email me" link (I have one toward the bottom of this page). The following will show how you can create a supped up form of these links within your custom PowerSchool pages. This makes for easy sharing of information between those that administer PowerSchool, and others in the district without access or in need of notification.

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