I Triple-Dog-Dare You!

Posted Sometime in December
Its the happiest time of the year! A time of joy, reflection, gift giving....
And reviewing the Spring 2020 Student Registration/ Personal Needs Profile Field Definitions for IAR of course!
Luckily not much has changed since last year.
Xmas miracle!
But I went through the listed validations with a fine toothed comb and updated the IARific plugin as necessary.
A couple of the math accommodations state that a student can be either marked EL OR be participating in a dual language program. So I updated those to look at both the IL_LEP and S_IL_STU_X.Dual_Language fields for validation.

Hope Santa treats you good this year.
Every year I look a bit more like St. Nick.


Just take those old records off the shelf

Posted Sometime in October
Well look at that, the official (unofficial?) oldest PS customization on the internet has a new version.
John pointed out that my Awesome Report Q does not cover the ReportWorks queue.
Well now it does.

And hey, if your in Illinois why not attend the fall PSUG-IL meeting on November 8th.
Signup on PSUGIL.org.

Michigan City Baby!

Posted Sometime in March

Looking forward to seeing some of my PowerSchool friends at the always fun PSUG Midwest Conference!


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