Version 12... Ugh

Posted Sometime in September

I’m just going to put this out there... I’ve never been less excited for an upgrade than I am with PowerSchool 12.
My district is doing just fine without unlimited contacts, don’t like the rollout, and resent that there is no option not to migrate on install.
Therefore I’m boycotting version 12 for now.

If you are currently using my Big Registration screen it may be awhile before it is updated to work with contacts (not at all sure what that is going to entail).

What, am I hear to amuse you?...

Posted Sometime in April
I am super excited to attend the PSUG Advanced Customization Workshop in Myrtle Beach!
Less exciting are my recent plugin updates:
PARCCtastic had a minor update so it would display accommodations properly to users with view-only access.
The BIG Registration Screen got a new page fragment that makes it possible to set the Registration page as a user's Initial Student Screen under Personalize.

Over the past few months I've focused on building a new student registration system for my district.
It utilizes the built in enroll new student page. And needed some kooky hacks to do it.
Not sure that one will ever be released as a plugin, as I'd never find the time to support the thing. But you never know...


Posted Sometime in January
Finding more and more little things the 11.0.4 PowerSchool update broke. Like my little Awesome Report Queue plugin. If your like me and have been using this thing for the last 15 years, be sure to install version 2.3 which you can find HERE.


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