Shout It, Shout It, Shout It Out Loud (or virtually)

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Shout out to my boy Vince for being the first in his class to hit the reading scoop challenge!
Would you like a fun and easy way to send shout outs between staff, while tracking them in PowerSchool?
Yes? You are in luck!
The new Staff Shout Outs Plugin does just that. Check it out, and then send me a shout out.
Or feedback. Really what I need is feedback.
You could even stop me in the hall at PSUG Southeast and shout feedback right in my face.

One Thing About Living In Santa Carla I Never Could Stomach...All The Damn Vampires.

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Halloween time is here!
What better way to get into this spooky season than writing code while The Lost Boys plays in the background.
And much like Tim Cappello, "I still believe!" these plugins can be better.
Version 5 of the List Students Auto-Loader plugin is now available.
It adds the ability to save list sets for the List Staff Members group function in addition to List Students.
But no I'm not changing the name.

Have a good one all you ghosts and ghouls.

You're saving list sets. How about roster sets?

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Couple important updates:
- List Students Auto-Loader plugin has been updated to fix a bug where school-level user's personal list sets were showing as school list sets.
- Finally got around to making the Class Rosters Auto-Loader an easy-to-use plugin! If you have both this and the list students one installed you might notice something.
"These look exactly the same. I bet he reused all the code. How lazy! No way I'm paying for both of these."
All correct my imaginary PS admin! They are very similar in code/look/functionality. And you are not paying for either! Its all beerware.

Couple not as important things:
- Super excited to be attending PSUG SouthEast soon! Hope to see you there.
- The The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is finally out!