Summer updates had me a blast. Summer updates happened so fast.

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YOU are using the new enhanced navigation in PowerSchool 23.5 or later.
YOU use the IARific, IARific + ACCESS, Instant Family Reps, Staff Shout Outs, Big Registration, or Today's Bus Notes plugins.
YOU should update them plugins!

I mean, you should always be on the look out for new plugin versions.
I'm hoping to make that a bit easier on this site. Stay tuned.

Go on, tell Johnny how awesome his filing system is

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Spring is a great time to spread good vibes in PowerSchool via the Staff Shout Outs Plugin!
To celebrate bunnies and blossoms, I've added a "Highlights" option to the plugin.
Thank you Paula for the idea!
Hope to see some of you at PSUG SouthEast!

Shout It, Shout It, Shout It Out Loud (or virtually)

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Shout out to my boy Vince for being the first in his class to hit the reading scoop challenge!
Would you like a fun and easy way to send shout outs between staff, while tracking them in PowerSchool?
Yes? You are in luck!
The new Staff Shout Outs Plugin does just that. Check it out, and then send me a shout out.
Or feedback. Really what I need is feedback.
You could even stop me in the hall at PSUG Southeast and shout feedback right in my face.